Andrea - Demi Pair Thank You Letter

Andrea - Demi Pair Thank You Letter

Friday, 13 January 2017 22:33

Hi, Wendy. I am taking Pauline to the airport today and wanted to thank you again for allowing my family to have such a fantastic experience with our Demi Pair. It really is a program that brings life to families as we get a taste of a new culture and way of life.

Once again, Spencer has benefitted the most and has adored Pauline. She was fantastic with him and we all loved having her become a part of our family.

She is leaving with a love for our country, learned about our culture and multi-faceted communities and learned a great deal of English. Here are some photos from our goodbye dinner at an Asian restaurant.

Once again, we hope for another great experience with our new Demi Pair from Mexico.

Thanks again!



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