Host Naomi Tells Us Why She LOVES Having a Demi Pair!

Host Naomi Tells Us Why She LOVES Having a Demi Pair!

Thursday, 16 March 2017 22:35

Having a Demi pair has been great for our busy family. To date, we have had two Demi pairs and they have both been from Germany.

Prior to having a Demi pair, we had a full time live in Phillipino caregiver for almost 10 years.
We decided on a Demi pair initially as a more affordable means of childcare, but it has turned out to be so much more.

Our current Demi pair, Manuella, is full of life, happiness and excitement. My kids adore her.

While when we had a nanny, it was very focussed on the cooking and the cleaning, having a Demi pair is all about the FUN for my kids. The Demi pairs are young and enjoy being outdoors, playing, swimming, teaching...and doing all the things you would expect an 18 or 19 year old to do!

Manuella is always teaching my kids new games, art projects, and words in her language. My kids genuinely look forward to what the next day will bring with her and we are so happy that we have her here with us!
In turn, I also think that Manuella has gotten a lot out of the relationship. She has done lots of travelling, made tons of friends, and has enjoyed Canada immensely. We have taken her to see some attractions, to our cottage, to baseball games, and much more. I think she feels like my kids really enjoy her company which makes her feel part of the family.

We are sad for the day when Manuella will leave in just a few short weeks, but look forward to what the future will bring us!!!


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