My experiences while living with a host family

My experiences while living with a host family

Monday, 25 July 2016 14:00

It´s really hard to put my impressions of such a long time in a few words, but following the most important things for me. I hold that being a part of a foreign family is a great chance to not just improve one´s language skills and experience the culture but as well it makes you learning more soft skills, which might be a big advantage for you future life. As you have to adapt a completely different way of life from one to the next day, it makes you widen your horizon drastically.

I think it´s not necessary to mention that there are, especially in the beginning, quite often difficulties referring to adapt oneself to the daily life of the family. Sometimes I felt like to be plunged in at the deep end...but soon I got used to it. My family always had a sympathetic ear for me and tried their best in supporting me and helping me to reach my goals. Honestly said, my host family rarely felt like my second family, because therefore my family in Germany is too good. Anyway, that doesn´t matter since I felt comfortable and found new friends who really dear to my heart.

To sum up, I´m glad to have made this decision to come to Toronto and participating in the Demi-Pair program. I would recommend it to everyone who has the opportunity.

By: katherina (German girl)


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