Pauline From France

Pauline From France

Tuesday, 18 October 2016 22:31

Hi my name is Pauline, Im from France! Im 19 years old. Last year, after my high school, I decided to go to Canada because I was not ready to start my University ( I was not sure was I wanted to do ) and I needed an experience like this one Im gonna explain you this unforgettable experience

Before coming to Canada, I was really afraid about this new lifestyle, about living in a new country with another language and another family.

But directly my host family made me feel really comfortable ! The first week end we went to the zoo, and with my chance a bird poop on me, but that was so fun for my host child and at this moment we start to create a relationship !

During all my trip with my host child we did many different a things, play soccer, basketball, baseball, chest, monopoly, Lego, hit and hight but the best memories stay when the snow came, we first made a snow man and after a snow dog. Weird but so much fun !

I had really the best family for me ! It's really the kind of family I needed,they suited me ! And for that I want to say thank you to Wendy, who choose the perfect family for you !

About the school, how I can say... It's like a small family your second family ! I found every student very nice, there are all age, from everywhere, and that makes the school really interesting because additionally to learn English you learn about many different cultures !

Also, the teachers are extremely nice, they explain you very well and the lesson are full of activities ! Every teachers are here for helping you in your improvement by answering your question, giving you advices, encouraging you !

When I came to Canada I was really unable to speak English, I didn't understand when someone was talking to me, when I was reading a text, when I was watching a movie, thanks to this experience, my host family and ACCESS school now ( 6 months after ) I'm not perfect in English because my level before was too low but I can manage it !

This experience is certainly the best way to learn English but also to learn about yourself. I feel more mature. Also you have several responsibility with your host children ! Be far from your family makes you think about the mistakes you did before! Something which was normal in your "old life " in your country I'll became something exceptional, I mean for me I realize even if the Canada is one of the greatest country in the world, I'm good in France, It's also because I've everything here and I might be too young for leave everything ! And for some people it might be totally different they won't miss they country, it's depend of you !

Anyway, in any case it's the best experience I ever had, I met many awesome people, I had the best host family I could have, and I learnt a lot about many things! The only problem is to leave... The moment to say bye to my host family was really hard for me. I'll miss them a lot, but I'll keep in touch with them it's sure !


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