Pippa V. Talks About Being a Demi Pair Host Family

Pippa V. Talks About Being a Demi Pair Host Family

Monday, 05 September 2016 22:27

"It was only a couple of months before my return to work from maternity leave when I had a sudden realization that our child care arrangements had a serious gap. Our 5 year old was in Montessori and our soon to be one year old would be in an excellent neighbourhood daycare. My husband and I both work demanding full time jobs. So I realized that the prospect of us needing to do double pick ups, when one of us had to work late, would be a logistical nightmare.

That's when I discovered the Demi-pair program at Access. It seemed the perfect solution to our dilemma. But it has turned out to be so much more than that. A year and a later, Annika our third Demi pair is living with us as a member of our family, and at the end of the month we will welcome our fourth Demi pair Michele into our home."

"These young women have enriched our family life in a way that I never could have imagined. They are like fun yet responsible older cousins for our daughters. Getting ice for a scrape one minute and building a Lego castle the next, these young ladies are a source of both comfort and joy to our little girls. They have provided an extra hand in the kitchen when I needed it, a night out for my husband and me when we needed it, and a cuddle to the girls when they needed it. Julie helped Audrey with her first words and trying new foods (like Sushi!), Carina helped Zoey learn to climb trees and Annika still patiently assists them with their constant living room dance and gymnastics performances.

We have had a blast with each of them too. Whether it was skiing with Julie at Blue Mountain, going camping by Georgian Bay with Carina or heading south with Annika, we have fantastic memories with each of them. What began as a simple need for someone to pick up the girls from school, has become a life changing decision that has also helped expose our girls to a broader, more culturally diverse world view.

We keep in touch with our Demi pairs via Facebook and email, sharing photos of our growing girls. I am always excited to hear about their lives back home and hope to see them each again soon."


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