Hosting Comparison

Hosting Comparison

Au Pairs and Demi Pairs are both foreign young adults who wish to travel to Canada, live with a Canadian family, and help take care of their children. They have a desire to get to know Canadian culture and find out what it is like to live in Canada. Many Au Pairs and Demi Pairs have travelled before to countries close to where they're from, but have a desire to travel further afield - to North America.

A Demi Pair is similar to an Au Pair, but there is one major difference. An Au Pair’s only focus is to live with a family and help to take care of their children (full-time).  A Demi Pair lives with a host family and helps takes care of the children (part-time), but also attends classes in the mornings to improve their English language skills. Because the Demi Pair attends school, their child-minding duties are on more of a part-time basis (up to 20 hours/week).  

Helps the family for up to 40 hours per week Helps the family for up to 20 hours per week
Receives free room & board from the family Receives free room & board from the family
Is paid a minimum wage less a deduction for room & board Receives no payment from the family
Does not attend school Cannot more than 20 hours per week
Childcare + moderate housekeeping Attends part-time English language classes in Toronto
Open to families living any where in Ontario Childcare + light housekeeping
Receives a minimum of 1 day off (on weekend) Open only to families living in Toronto area
Receives 1 week paid vacation after every  6 months of work Receives 2 days off per week (at least 1 day on weekend)
Comes to Canada on a Working Holiday Visa No vacation received
Wages and other eligible childcare expenses can be deducted from host family's income taxes  


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