Host a Demi Pair

Host a Demi Pair

Demi Pairs in our program come from several different countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Chile.  While the majority of Demi Pairs are female, we are welcoming more and more male Demi Pairs to the program. The typical Demi Pair is between the ages of 18 and 24, has a desire to travel and experience Canadian culture, has a love for children, and would like to improve their English skills.

All Demi Pairs have a background working with children. While some have experience limited only to babysitting, others have more extensive experience such as working at children’s camps, leading sports teams, volunteering in schools, etc.

Arrival & Length Of Stay

Demi Pairs arrive throughout the year, although the majority arrive in summer or early fall. They come for periods ranging from 3 to 12 months, with 6 months being the most common.  The maximum stay for a Demi Pair is 12 months. In most cases, and when possible, host families pickup their Demi Pair student upon arrival at Toronto Pearson International Airport.  They also escort them back to the airport  to see them off on departure day.

How Do You Benefit From Having A Demi Pair Join Your Family?

You and your family will benefit in many ways from having a Demi Pair live with you. First of all, you will have someone to provide extra help with your children. This in itself is invaluable. The Demi Pair will also provide light housekeeping duties, which may be of assistance to you as well. By having a Demi Pair join your family, your children will open their minds and learn more about another culture. You and your family will also be Canadian ambassadors, as your Demi Pair will want to learn all about your family and what it means to be Canadian. You can enjoy introducing your Demi Pair to Canadian culture by including them, when possible, in your family's day to day activities.

Is A Demi Pair A Good Substitute For A Full-Time Nanny?

No. A Demi Pair is a good fit for a family that does not require full-time childcare. Since Demi Pairs attend our English language school in the daytime (usually 8:45am -12:00pm) during their stay, they are mainly available during the afternoons, evenings, and weekends to help with your children and your household chores.

Police, Medical & Background Checks

All Demi Pairs are required to provide at least two reference letters when applying to the program. Our partners in the Demi Pairs' home countries follow up and carefully check all references. All Demi Pairs are thoroughly interviewed and screened for their suitability by us or by our partners in their home country. A portion of the interview is conducted in English, to confirm their English ability.  Police and medical checks are mandatory for each participant.

Is Your Family A Good Fit For the Program?

To have a successful Demi Pair Program experience, the host family must: • Live in the city of Toronto • Welcome and include the Demi Pair as a member of the family, not as hired help • Provide a private bedroom with comfortable bed, desk, dresser, & study lamp • Be open to another culture, and be understanding and tolerant of cultural differences • Ensure there is open and honest communication between your family and your Demi Pair • Be committed to ensuring the Demi Pair experience is successful for everyone involved • Give your Demi Pair two days off per week (including at least one Saturday or Sunday). • Ensure that your Demi Pair works up to 20 hours/week (and not more)

How Do We Become A Host Family?

Here are the steps to follow to become a host family:

1. Read the Program Policies thoroughly.

2. Complete the Host Family Registration online form or print and complete the PDF form.

3. Print and complete the Host Family Contract

4. After we receive your completed application forms, we will be in touch to schedule a home visit. During the home visit, we will meet you (and hopefully some or all of your family members), review the details of the program, answer any questions you may have, as well as have a look at the bedroom that you have available for your Demi Pair.

5. As soon as we have a Demi Pair applicant that looks like a good fit for your family, we will send you her profile. This includes her background information, a letter of introduction to your family, and a photo album she has put together. At this point, you can let us know if you are willing to accept this candidate as a Demi Pair for your family. (If not, we will send you another profile, once one becomes available).

*Note: background of Demi Pair candidate's, age, interests, etc. are all taken into consideration when looking for a good match for Demi Pair and family.


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